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A series of semi-whenever somethings

06 Apr 2015

Creating and rotating log files from piped input

Say you have an application that sends logs to STDOUT and you want to capture that stream, log it to a file and rotate ...
11 Feb 2015

Starting a food forest

The moment I learned about _[permaculture](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Permaculture)_ and what is possible, I was hoo...
10 Feb 2015

On athletic endeavours thus far

A short personal diary on running and stairclimbing.
03 Jan 2015

Wiki on BeagleBone Black

How to set-up a wiki for home or business use on the BeagleBone Black computer.
12 Jul 2014

Hosting multiple domains with Nginx in Ubuntu 14.04 on Digital Ocean

How to set-up a VPS on Digital Ocean to host multiple sites with the Nginx web-server on top of the Ubuntu 14.04 operating system.