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What 3 Words

Have you ever been frustrated with not being able to find a place because Google Maps (or ahem, Apple Maps) didn’t take you to the right location? Now, imagine that you need serious medical attention and happen to be in a place where formal address systems aren’t a thing. what3words is a solution to this problem and one that is already being used all over the world. A precise, three-word address for every place on earth Continue reading

A method of loading scripts per page in Hugo

2016-09-05 development

Sometimes you find the need to make a specific page interactive with a bit of custom Javascript. This post explains how to do just that using the Hugo static site generator. Instead of loading the script globally for every page on the site, load it for that page and that page alone.

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Handling contact forms on static sites

2016-09-03 development
I originally went the route of rolling my own contact form handler. But instead of setting up my own server (even if mostly already written the way I would want it, see contact-form on GitHub), daemonizing it, proxying requests from Nginx, and then remembering how I set it all up 6 months from now, I found another service. FormKeep look awesome, but their lowest pricing option is way more expensive than I need for a paltry little contact form on a site that barely gets any traffic. Continue reading

The journey to a sub 20 minute 5k

2016-08-08 fitness

I’ve been wanting to run a 5k in less than 20 minutes since I started running over 6 years ago. Admittedly the last few years have been sparse - probably due to the demands of my four year old daughter. But she’s getting a bit more independent these days and I have a bit more time to get back into running.

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Personal MBA

2015-05-01 business

I’ve always found the whole idea of a master’s degree in business admisinistration interesting. It’s one of those things that I’d like to have, but only if the price is right. I certainly can’t justify spending over a hundred grand to obtain one from a reputable university.

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