How I learned of Dr. Eben Alexander and his story through the afterlife

Three takeaways:

  1. You are infinitely loved.
  2. You are always safe.
  3. It is impossible to make a mistake in this life.

I first learned of Dr. Eben Alexander (and this video) from the Don’t Keep Your Day Job podcast interviewing Martha Beck. In the podcast, Beck is about to mention a quote from Dr. Alexander when the host, Cathy Heller, excitedly jumps in to tell a personal story of how SHE initially discovered his work.

The story goes something like this:

Cathy’s grandmother dies. After years of not hearing from her, she decides that maybe this is all there is to life; we live, we die and our body goes into the ground.

And then she decides to give this thought another chance and prays for the first time in years.

Sitting quietly with her eyes closed, she asks her grandmother to give her a sign if she’s still around. Her grandmother tells her (very specifically!) to search for “life after death” on YouTube, and the first video that shows up will have both Cathy and her grandmother’s name, Betty, as prominent things in the story.

What she finds is the video above. Near the end of the story at a critical junction, Dr. Alexander mentions a lady at the orphanage where he was adopted, Betty, and soon learned that he had a sister named Cathy who had passed away several years before.

Interesting stuff. Maybe more personally interesting, but this type of thing happens to me fairly often. Listen to the story yourself below … it starts at 47:48:

Don't Keep Your Day Job · How to Lead a Joyful Life - Martha Beck

Justin Langhorst @justajot