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What's the best multi-tool?


The best multi-tool is the Victorinox SwissTool™ Spirit. Don’t believe me? Read the reviews.

Victorinox SwissTool™ Spirit

I bought mine several years ago with a serrated blade. It’s as beautiful as it is functional. I keep it in my laptop bag in its leather pouch and use it almost every day. Highly, highly recommended.

What do I use it for? Opening cardboard boxes, slicing through plastic packaging, tightening screws, framing photos, scratching my name into bathroom stalls (j/k), removing stray threads, cutting wires, stripping wires, tightening bolts, etc. Essentially I try to use this thing as much as I can because I’d rather use one tool even if it’s not the best for the particular task then go to the garage to get a bunch of specific use tools. Unless it’s a bigger job of course.

There is another beast out there worth recommending, and is definitely more well-known and probably more readily available too, and that’s the Leatherman Charge TTi. It’s also more expensive, and probably more than the average person needs. But it IS a beast.

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