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19 Jan 2020

Training Log: 2020 Week 03: January 13th to January 19th

I feel like I’m finally getting back into a rhythm. The birthday partying is beginning to subside. The running is becoming a little more consistent.

  • Yoga: 3 practices // 1x Ashtanga (I’m slackin’)
  • Kettlebell: 1 practice of dumbbell get-ups, so really, no kettlebells yet again
  • Run: 1 outdoor, 1 treadmill, 1 spin, 1 killer stadium run

I’m happy with my running for the week. I was able to catch up on an important run missed last week. Yoga and kettlebell practice, not-so-much.

Monday, January 13

40 minute run

25 hard, 15 easy @ Brookhaven. This was suppose to be 40 hard but I got shit for sleep last night and am honestly pretty happy about this run all things considered!

Good stretch afterwards.

Next time I need to incorporate a 10 minute warmup and 5 minute cooldown as well.

Tuesday, January 14

10min 1:1 @ 7:08 @ flat:5deg

  • 5 min warmup @ 9:27
  • 5 x 1:1 RI @ 7:08 flat, WI @ 7:08 5 deg incline
  • 5 min cooldown

Cheated a bit on the 5th rest and walked a bit. Think because of yesterday’s run. Nah, just mentally lazy in the moment.

Garmin watch showing recovery time of 28 hours

SEE! I keep telling people that these really short workouts are super hard. I’m not sure they believe me. Here’s at least a little bit of proof, though I think Garmin likes to stroke my ego a bit.

6 x 40lb DB get-ups

Work within time limits. For get-ups, that is 10 minutes. I was so, so tired after the run.

Wednesday, January 15

Ashtanga, Mysore @ Home

A nice practice to start the day off right. About an hour.

NTTR Wedneday Night Social Run

4.74 trail miles in about an hour. Lots of stops here and there. Quick sub 7 running at the end for about half a mile.

Thursday, January 16

1:1 Spin

Still establishing the baseline. A little tired physically after the past couple of days.

Everything at 90rpm, exactly where I want to be.

  • 5 min warmup @ 9
  • 5 x 1 min RI @ 10 / 1 min WI @ 15
  • 5 min cooldown @ 109

I had it on my schedule to do the work intervals at 16 today, but given two incredibly difficult workouts coming up this weekend, I decided to back off a bit.

Ashtanga, Mysore @ Home

A very abbreviated practice, but it’s something! I’ve noticed I have a much harder time getting through a practice at home. This is probably something I should be practicing though, given that it’s difficult.

Friday, January 17

REST. Knowing that I have a big day tomorrow, this is a perfect day to rest.

Saturday, January 18

FC Dallas Stadium Run with November Project

3.5 times up and down all the steps. What a great time! I am in love love with the energy the people of November Project Dallas bring.

FC Dallas Stadium Yoga with November Project

After bumping into her several times at the end of the stadium run and afterwards, I met Katie. We practiced next to each other in what ended up being a perfect little yoga practice to cool down from the stadium run.

I love meeting people doing random stuff like this. And the yoga was excellent, too! Tywon is always full of energy, and is just a really positive dude and a joy to be around.

Sunday, January 19

My calves feel like murder today. I thought they would be fine after yesterday’s workout (and especially yoga!), but I just didn’t treat my body well afterwards. I had another birthday party last night where I drank too much beer and not enough water.

I spent half the day working today and about halfway through developed a terrible headache. It persisted through yoga and I had to just go home and go to sleep afterwards.

Restorative Yoga

Despite the headache during, I’m glad I made it to class. I’m trying to make sure I get more yin practices in my life.