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12 Jan 2020

Training Log: 2020 Week 02: January 6th to January 12th

Oh dang, it’s the second week of the year already. The last week of 2019 and the first week of 2020 were kind of rough, mainly because I spent a good two weeks partying for my birthday.

The BIG NEWS is that I was chosen as one of six athlete ambassadors for North Texas Trail Runners for 2020! I’m so honored and excited to be a part of furthering this wonderful running club!

Justin Langhorst - NTTR Athlete Ambassador for 2020
  • Yoga: 4 practices // 2x Ashtanga
  • Kettlebell: 1 practice of dumbbell get-ups, so really, no kettlebells
  • Run: 1 treadmill, 1 spin, 1 outdoor

This was a solid week. The yoga practices were exactly what I needed and the running was almost spot-on. A hard five miles at Erwin Park would have been better than the easy five miles I achieved, but eh!? It was cold and I ran with friends!

More kettlebell work would be extremely beneficial. 2-3x a week of swings + get-ups (the Simple version of Pavel’s Kettlebell Simple + Sinister) feels ideal when grouped with yoga and running.

Monday, January 6th

Ashtanga Yoga, Led @ Studio

90 minutes of greatness. I skipped last Saturday in favor of a trail run, and Sunday was an easy restorative yoga day so I was well rested for tonight.

It paid off.

Being smart about my practice, I was able to accomplish more physically than I normally would. Today was easier to mentally let go which allowed me to get into poses more deeply than normal.

Tuesday, January 7th

Treadmill: 5 x 1 min

This workout is a new addition to weekly run workouts and I’m still attempting to hit the right pace to really hit the edge without dying.

All work interval (WI) periods were at a 5 degree incline, while rest interval (RI) periods are flat at 0 degrees.

  • 5 min warmup @ 9 min/mi
  • 3 x 1 min WI, 1 min RI @ 7:19 min/mi
  • 2 x 1 min WI, 1 min RI @ 6:58 min/mi
  • 5 min cool down @ 9-10 min/mi

This is about as efficient of a running workout as I’ve experienced thus far. Once I find the paces, hopefully around 6:30-6:40 min/mi, it will be time to start increasing elevation week by week.

Wednesday, January 8th

Social Trail Run at Night with NTTR

Wednesday night social run! A group of about 10 of us danced along the trail in the dark tonight. We ran 6.2 miles total and had some good food, drinks and conversation afterwards.

I felt pretty tired towards the end of the run, probably because I stayed out drinking until 4am in the morning the night before. This past week and a half has been a continuous party of sorts … lots of birthday celebrations and I think it’s all finally catching up to me.

Lake Grapevine in the winter at night

Thursday, January 9th

Vinyasa Yoga: Doshas

I believe this is my third time at this class in the past three weeks and I’m really enjoying it.

At the end of my run last night, I got a very strong feeling that I need to cut out a lot of my night workouts in order to get into more of a steady sleep routine.

This morning confirmed that.

Friday, January 10th

10 min 1:1 Spin

  • 5 min warmup at 9
  • 5 x 1 min RI at 10 // 1 min WI descending from 18
  • 5 min cool down at 9

All intervals were performed at an RPM between 80 and 90. This is another one of the minimal baseline workouts.

Next time try for 16 WI all the way through.

10 x 45lb DB get-ups

At the rec so no access to kettlebells, but I enjoy using dumbbells for get-ups as well.

  • 10 x 45lb DB get-ups

Performed in 10 minutes or so, which is the goal.

Saturday, January 11th

Ashtanga, Mysore @ Home

I was suppose to attend a led full primary at the studio, but I decided to sleep in instead after a night of partying.

This was a botched physical practice. I couldn’t really hold it together somewhere after sun salutations. I made it through about 30 minutes of asanas and then went into Shavasana.

I spent more time there than I would have in a class setting, and it paid off. I was able to quiet my mind, let go and then chills came over my entire body and it felt as if something was being scooped out of me by some sort of energy. I need healing, and felt that I got it … coming to tears shortly afterwards.

Erwin Park Night Run

A little social run to finish off the night after a long Ayurveda workshop in the afternoon.

Sarah and Liv joined me for the drive up to McKinney. I was originally going to do around 10 miles, but stopped after one loop of 5.7mi. Nice and slow and easy with a few little pick-ups here and there.

I’m all about social runs, but I absolutely need to make sure I get my quality runs in and limit social runs to one a week so my body has the time to recover as it needs.

Sunday, January 12th

Dharma Yoga w/Yoga Nidra

Different and challenging all the same. This is my second time taking from this particular instructor and I definitely enjoyed it. The Yoga Nidra at the end is just amazing, and I feel it’s something I should explore for improving my sleep quality at night.