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06 Jan 2020

Training Log: 2020 Week 01: January 1st to January 5th

In these training logs I include everything related to working on body and mind. While these logs are something I’ve been keeping privately for quite some time, I’ll be making them public for the new year in the hopes to start a conversation around minimal, quality training runs paired with yoga and functional fitness to test how well or poorly they prepare me for long distance races.

I’ve spent the last two years both extremely consistent and a bit haphazard in my physical training. There has been a slow transition into more yoga, especially in 2019, and thus more mental training along with the physical. For 2020, I hope to establish a solid meditation practice while increasing the quality of all physical practice.

Let’s get to it!

Thursday, January 2nd

Vinyasa Yoga: Doshas

Second time at this class and I absolutely love the sound bath during Shavasana!

Vibrational medicine is a new topic I’ve become interested in lately. Woo? The last few years have certainly taught me that I don’t know much of anything. What I do know is that sound baths allow me to get into a meditative state much more easily, and that is special.

Figuring out the new run workouts!

Working on incredibly efficient run workouts for the year with plenty of racing. Maximizing pain and mental toughness and FUN!

This new training program involves very minimal, yet very difficult run workouts. Tonight’s was on the treadmill, and all work intervals (WI) are at a 5 degree incline while rest intervals are flat at 0 degrees.

  • 10 min warmup
  • 4 x 1 min WI, 1 min RI @ 7:31 min/mi
  • 1 x 1 min WI, 1 min RI @ 7:19 min/mi
  • 5 min cooldown

Ultimately the workout will be 5 x 1 min WI, 1 min RI. I think it will take 3-4 of these to get to the pace that I’m gonna wanna pass out and die at.

Noticed left arm is not swinging freely, shoulder a bit locked. I’m guessing this has something to do with lower right side body having so many minor issues last year. We shall see!

Also need to be diligent about daily pull-ups for shoulder strength // get-ups too.

10 x 40lb DB get-ups

Finishing up the run workout with some get-ups.

  • 10 x 40lb DB get-ups (5 on each side)

I wore my grey shorts at the rec and it looks like I peed myself. Good thing peeing your pants is the coolest!!!

Friday, January 3rd

Ashtanga, Mysore @ Studio

Ariel’s first Mysore practice @ Yoga Chikitsa! I wish I could have stayed for longer as originally planned, but it just didn’t work out this morning.

Tired. Tired tired tired. Too much partying lately. Battled traffic both ways. Practice was efficient if not a bit lost as I had to shorten up what I originally planned quite a bit to get through something that worked for me this morning.

I rushed home afterwards and passed out for 30 minutes as soon as I got back. And that nap felt like hours. Hours and hours.

Saturday, January 4th

Trail Run @ Windmill Hill Preserve with the Beaumont Brothers

I can’t keep up with these guys and today was an easy day for them. Argh. The Beaumont Brothers reference is an inside joke.

  • 2 mi hard
  • 2 mi easy
  • 11 x birthday hill!

Or at least the hill by the side of the road was dubbed my birthday hill for the day, since this was a birthday run of sorts with Dylan and Nick. Good times. Great day for a hilly trail run.

And a bit of stupid fun afterwards …

Toppling Tree

Sunday, January 5th

KB Simple

  • Warmup w/12kg KB — 3 x (5 x prying goblet squats, 5 x hip bridges, 10 x halos)
  • 7 x 10 24kg two-handed swings
  • 8 x 20kg Turkish get-ups

Ashtanga, Mysore @ Home

The Ashtanga practice was the most minimal sequence of asanas possible — the 15 minute short-form provided in David Swenson’s book.

Efficiency, I guess.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative. Something I need more of … I’m constantly running around and feel like I need to slow things down, being more methodical in movement across space.

Slow down the body. Slow down the mind.