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01 May 2015

Rework, a business book review

Rework (Fried, 2010) (aff) can be summed up with the KISS Principle: keep it simple stupid.

It’s often harder to make things simple than it is to make things complex. I suppose this is just human nature. There is probably a good evolutionary reason for this, but that is reading for another day.

The most important message in Rework is to start. Start something you’re passionate about. Solving your own problems makes it easy to fall in love with what you’re doing. That feeds inspiration and inspiration affords great work.

You need less than you think - embrace constraints. Work less; work smarter. Make decisions and move on. Focus on what’s important.

To build anything sustainable takes time, so grow slowly. But most importantly, start.

Rework is such a great, short little book that I’d recommend it to everyone who is thinking about starting a business or is already running one.