Sub 20 5K - Week 2: August 15-21, 2016

Another week of heart rate zone 2 training runs.


3.11 mi run in 35 minutes. The running is already starting to feel smoother. I really think there is something to this zone 2 work. It’s something I never really did a few years ago back when I was going mostly for distance.

HR Zone 2:


I started with a quick treadmill run and moved on to the spin class. Burned off around 555 calories during this workout. 54:01 total with the following time in each zone:


45 minute Z2 run: 4.74 miles in 53:24. 5 minute warm-up with a 43:12 work period. Took to the streets today instead of hitting the trail. Spent 31:34 (59%) in zone 2. The run felt great, though the scenery running through neighborhoods was a bit dull. Extremely humid.

Calculated VO2 max is now at 43 and my 5K race prediction is sitting at 23:10.